In St. Petersburg celebrated the Day of the baptism of Rus

© RIA Novosti / Victoria Usdin divine Service in the Prince Vladimir Cathedral in St. Petersburg. 28 July 2018In St. Petersburg celebrated the Day of the baptism of Rus© RIA Novosti / Victoria Usdin

The Central event of the celebration 1030-anniversary of the Baptism of Rus in Saint-Petersburg became the divine Liturgy in the Prince-the Vladimir Cathedral, attended by about 2 thousand people, who, by their own admission, came to the temple in gratitude for the introduction of Christianity and felt a festive spirit, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The townspeople began to flock to the Prince Vladimir Cathedral long before the beginning of divine service, and led him Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Varsonofy arrived about half an hour before the Liturgy. Among the visitors of the temple was dominated by women, but there were also young families, many of whom came with children.

«Today, the baptism of my child, and it so happened that it coincided with the divine Liturgy. I think this is a good omen,» — told RIA Novosti one of the residents of St. Petersburg.

Another young woman who, according to her, is the Prince-the Vladimir Cathedral catechesis, called the day of the baptism of Rus «a true triumph». «This is a General festive spirit,» she described the atmosphere during worship.

If the beginning of the divine Liturgy in the Church gathered about 500 people by the end of the service, which lasted about two hours and ended with a procession around the Prince Vladimir Cathedral, there were about 2 thousand members. The atmosphere was solemn and sympathetic, as casual visitors, who were on the celebration out of curiosity, did not cause discontent of the parishioners, who tried to skip ahead of children and people with disabilities.

«For me personally, it is a manifestation of gratitude for the fact that there was a Christianity, which have shaped our country, its society, culture and life, and identified the main spiritual values,» — told RIA Novosti the young girl slipped out of the temple together with his companion.

According to her, among the parishioners is «not a lot of young people», recently, however, a noticeable interest in Orthodoxy among youth. «As you know, God usually turn in difficult life situations and young people in General, not so much serious problems, so many, I think, start just out of curiosity, and this often develops into a more serious and thoughtful interest,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Continuing the celebrations on Saturday afternoon at the Kazan Cathedral will host a festive concert «to the day of the baptism of Russia» with participation of famous choirs and performers of art song.

In addition, the celebration is accompanied by numerous educational exhibitions, conferences, concerts, school competitions, excursions and other activities. So, on Thursday at the Cathedral of the Theodore icon of the Mother of God took place the book presentation of Archpriest Konstantin Kostromina «Prince Vladimir and the origins of the Russian Church tradition. Sketches about the era of the adoption of Christianity».

In the exhibition complex «Russia — my story» now on display the icon of St. Vladimir, courtesy of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra and churches of the city. The Presidential library named after Yeltsin in a joint project with the St. Petersburg diocese from July 27 to the exhibits of the archive of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra and Church-archaeological Museum of the St. Petersburg theological Academy.

On Saturday across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries are ecclesial celebrations of the 1030-th anniversary of the baptism of Russia and day of memory of Saint Prince Vladimir, who at the end of X century ushered in Ancient Christianity as a state religion.

The celebrations began in Kiev a day earlier. As reported in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in the procession in honor of the 1030-th anniversary of the baptism of Russia on Friday in Kiev was attended by about 250 thousand faithful from all the dioceses of the UOC and pilgrims from abroad, despite the obstacles scale was created for the faithful of the Ukrainian officials and carriers.