In the US a man stole a tractor and bitten by a police dog

© AP Photo / John RaouxСотрудники police dog. Archival photoIn the US a man stole a tractor and bitten by a police dog© AP Photo / John Raoux

A resident of Denver in the U.S. state of Colorado in less than three hours stole three cars, including a tractor, staged three accidents and was bitten by a police dog, said Friday the district attorney’s office.

Local resident Thomas Bush this week drove through the center of a 2.5-million city on a tractor.

The prosecution says that the 37-year-old Bush July 20, stole a jeep, but soon abandoned it and stole a tractor. Crashing a tractor into a passenger car, he then drove into the oncoming lane of the highway and collided head-on with another car whose driver suffered serious injuries. Hiding from the scene on foot, Bush then stole a tractor worth 70 thousand dollars belonging to the local management of water resources.

That the accused were not satisfied and tried to steal from the construction site heavy dump truck at a cost of 250 thousand dollars. It failed and broke down on the way trailer builders, Bush continued on his way on a tractor.

By the time for Bush started the police chase. The tractor is tore down his fence high school and eventually stopped, faced with another car. During the arrest, Bush got into a fight with police officers, tried to choke a police dog and was bitten by the animal.

The district attorney of Denver Beth McCann filed the charges Bush by 23 points. Among them, three points of theft with aggravating circumstances and one attempted theft, dangerous driving, assault using a car and fleeing the scene of an accident, threats, resisting arrest and «cruelty to police dog».

The motives of the accused are unknown.

A police photo Bush appeared with numerous abrasions on the face.

The first hearing in the case of Bush will take place on 30 July.