«One sausage or two hours walk.» More and more people are obese

© Photo from personal archivesare, Litwack«One sausage or two hours walk.» More and more people are obese© Photo from personal archive

According to the Institute of nutrition Russian Academy of Sciences, half of the population older than thirty years, overweight. In the most severe cases people can’t move normally, lose interest in life and are experiencing serious health problems. Years they struggle with unnecessary weight in various ways. How to overcome yourself and return to good physical form in the material RIA Novosti.

A hundred plus or minus a hundred

«Major, I was always loved to eat. When I was under thirty, and quit Smoking and quickly gained from 117 to 137 pounds. The next «breakthrough» happened in 35 years: he did not his grandfather, who has always led a healthy lifestyle, for me, was the example and authority. Then grief and lack of control made his. Although I could still move around the city and continued to work as a hairdresser, it was getting harder — clipped, only one or two customers a day, and then sitting» — says in conversation with the correspondent of RIA Novosti Sergey Litwack.

After a few years he quit and with alcohol. «Before I could drink seven bottles of wine. Decided that enough is enough. But replaced the alcohol with another drug with food. After a few years and grandmother died. I finally let go the reins: stopped leaving the house, order food online store pounds. I remember once on New year bought 46 items sweet — was Packed full 160-liter garbage bag. Finished it in two months», — says Sergey.

It lists the most problematic regions: Kaluga, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region — there are obese almost a third. «In the more Eastern regions the situation is better. For example, in the Primorsky Krai, Udmurt Republic and the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, the share of population with obesity 12-19 percent,» — said Tarasenko.

According to her, it’s the wrong taste habits. «Eat a lot of salt, sugar and fat. With little sources of fiber with vegetables, fruits and berries; complete protein that is found in fish, seafood, lean meat, legumes and dairy food. Also people do not have enough of biologically active substances. Their body gets from natural products — plant foods, fish, nuts and soy,» explains the nutritionist.

In addition, many have become less and less active lifestyle. «Eat more and move less — and here is the result. Also important to healthy sleep: when we sleep, the body produces hormones that Deplete fat. Many people gain weight from stress — stress-eating,» continues Tarasenko.

Although, at first glance, a couple extra pounds not a problem, the doctor warns of the serious consequences of obesity. «Violated all kinds of metabolism, hormonal balance. All this leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, reduced reproductive function, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer. Also due to the large load destroyed joints,» paints a bleak Outlook specialist.

To avoid the sad scenario, she gives some simple advice: «people need to Eat little and often: when we long starving and then eat, the body includes a program accumulation of fat. It is best to eat 5-6 times a day, as light snacks. More vegetables, fruits and protein, less sweets, salt and fat — and all will be fine. Remember: to burn calories from one of these sausages, you need to walk two hours.»

By the way, test is not difficult at all. It is enough to divide your weight in kg by height squared in meters. «According to the latest scientific data, if the result is in the range from 23 to 27, everything is normal, 27 to 30 — you have extra pounds, with thirty can talk about obesity. However, it is best to make an accurate study of body composition (fat, muscle, water) in a special apparatus. However, too little weight is no less serious consequences. Everything should be in moderation», — concludes the doctor.