The expert appreciated the message of Patriarch Bartholomew to Poroshenko

© Photo : the presidential administration Ukrainepresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew. Archive photoThe expert appreciated the message of Patriarch Bartholomew to Poroshenko© Photo : the presidential administration of Ukraine

In a message to Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is nothing new, said the head of the human rights center of world Russian people’s Council Roman Silantyev.

Earlier, the delegation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople gave the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko message of Patriarch Bartholomew. In particular, it notes that the Church of Constantinople «took the initiative to restore the unity of the Orthodox believers of Ukraine, with the ultimate goal to give the Ukrainian Church autocephaly».

«In the words, and solemnly read Poroshenko a certain Bishop from Canada a lot of loud declarations, not allowing anyone an iota of doubt in the high responsibility of the Patriarchate of Constantinople over the fate of the world and the world of Orthodoxy, but there is no any clear prescription of the restoration of the unity of Orthodoxy in Ukraine, despite the fact that this goal was never challenged,» — said the expert.

«I guess the word «Tomos», recently acquired in the mouth of the President of Ukraine and the nationalist part of the Ukrainian political establishment almost magical significance, become the most widely used in the media, but the message of Constantinople to him in a strange way, there was no place», — said Silantyev.

He also pointed out that «this political verbiage the most obvious way out of kilter with today’s many thousands procession which demonstrates genuine trust only the canonical Ukrainian Church from the millions of Orthodox Ukrainians».

«I hope Petro Poroshenko, did not forget to explain to delegates from panara that 250 thousand people held a procession through the streets of Kiev, hold very different views on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as those which the President of Ukraine trying to pass off nationwide in the negotiations with Patriarch Bartholomew,» — said the expert.

«It is surprising that Constantinople, the delegation found time to read vanity messages, but have not joined the prayer procession of the simple Orthodox Ukrainians in the ranks of which were prayed for by representatives of many local Orthodox churches», — concluded the representative of the world Russian people’s Council.