The experts said, going abroad Russians to the insurance

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Planning a foreign trip and the Russians are more responsible in issuing the insurance policy is in depth insurance includes additional options, but travelling inside their country, the vast majority of citizens prefer to restrict the policy of the MLA, told RIA Novosti the representatives of the leading insurance companies of the Russian Federation.

«We see a growing demand for the inclusion of additional options, due to the increase of insurance culture of the tourists. For example, going to Asian countries, tourists often include in the coating option to protect from risks obtained in the course of employment by active kinds of sports (skiing, surfing, skydiving)», — said the Director for public relations of company «Ingosstrakh» Karen Asoyan.

According to Asoyan, the popularity also enjoys protection from the risk of injury when operating a vehicle.

«More and more customers will more actively spend their leisure time on vacation and more responsible approach to the choice of insurance, knowing that even if at the time of departure was not scheduled «active rest», then on arrival want to bungee jump, jet ski ride, and to rent a motorbike», — said the head of the Department of insurance of citizens going abroad IC «Rosgosstrakh» Andrey Sergeev.

The demand for low

However, insurers noted that most of Russian tourists going abroad, still prefer to issue a basic insurance policy (policy abroad, TCD), the minimum amount of coverage which is 2 million rubles. The cost of this policy is about 1.e. a day.

In particular, according to the head of the insurance company VSK Marina Melikyan, the basic amount of coverage selects 75% of their clients.

«Minimum basic coverage includes medical, medical-transport expenses and expenses for the postmortem repatriation – this minimum is determined by article 17 of FZ-132 «About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation». Further, the insurance company proposes to extend coverage with additional options such as: re, evacuation of children, legal aid, the visit of a third party in an emergency, loss of Luggage, flight delay and so on», — said Melikyan.

«The set of services depends on the wishes of the client whether he wants to insure themselves against additional risks (e.g. risk of exacerbation or complications of chronic diseases, the risk of complications of current pregnancy), or from the country in which it is sent,» — said Sergeyev.

Insurance in Russia

As for travel to Russia, the insurers note the low level of demand from our citizens for additional insurance (by law in the entire territory of the Russian Federation valid health insurance (MHI).

Thus, according to the «Ingosstrakh», make traveling policy in Russia, only 3-5% of the tourists. According to Asoyan, due to the fact that many tourists don’t understand why you need such an insurance policy.

«In policy coverage travelling to Russia includes the following services: payment of additional treatment costs (medications, crutches fracture), buy new tickets, if the person was in the hospital and could not fly/to go home in time, the return of children with escort if they are left unattended due to the hospitalization of parents. All these options are not available on the OMS,» said Asoyan.

Popular destinations

Insurers also talked about which foreign destinations popular with Russians in the summer of 2018.

Sergeyev said that the main directions for our tourists remained the same this year. «The leading position for the last year was in Turkey, Bulgaria, Thailand, Greece, Cyprus and Spain,» he said.

Asoyan added that the most popular destinations are European countries and Schengen countries: most popular in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, in second place — Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and other EU countries.

Head of Department of personal insurance of IC «MAKS» Irina Yartseva also belong to the most popular areas of Europe and Thailand. While Melikyan called Turkey a leader of the tourism market in the summer season of the current year, while noting a marked increase in tourist arrivals in Tunisia and the UAE.