The Federation Council approved a new draft law on customs regulation

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The Federation Council on Saturday approved a new law on customs regulation, developed in connection with the adoption of the Customs code of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU CC).

The law regulates the relations connected with importation and exportation of goods, their transportation under customs control, temporary storage, customs declaring, release and use in accordance with customs procedures, conducting customs control, collection and payment of customs duties. A number of norms aimed at the simplification and acceleration of customs procedures, including implementation of the principles and technologies of «electronic customs», in particular, to declare the goods it will be possible electronically.

The document allows for the execution of obligations to pay customs payments by third parties, which will create opportunities for the application of a number of new technologies of payment of customs duties, for example in cross-border movement of goods purchased by individuals for personal use.

The customs representative will be able to pay customs duties and taxes in respect of goods imported for personal use, with the exception of vehicles, if required by the contract concluded between him and the declarant. Payment of customs duties by individuals will be possible in the offices of «Mail of Russia». Operators of customs duties will be obliged to ensure the possibility of payment using the card «the World».

The government of the Russian Federation may determine the rules of sale of goods in duty free shops.

Exclude the possibility of bringing to responsibility for violation of legislation and acts in the sphere of customs regulation, if it is caused by the lack of clarity contained in these legal standards. In addition, it allowed the recoverability of the outstanding deadlines of customs duties from the accounts of the debtor in precious metals.

The law also stipulates a General rule according to which components of the goods must be imported on the territory of Russia in the framework of one foreign trade transaction.