The Federation Council approved the law on insurance against emergencies

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotoreceptori before the meeting. Archival photoThe Federation Council approved the law on insurance against emergencies© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The Federation Council on Saturday approved the law on insurance of housing from emergency situations (es), which will be voluntary.

According to the document, the regional authorities will be entitled to develop, approve and implement a program of compensation for the damage caused on their territories residential premises of citizens.

Compensation in case of loss of the insured property made by choice of the owner either by way of payment in the installed program shares indemnity insurer and a portion of the damage the subject of the Russian Federation, or the provision region in the property to the person of another property (if it exists in the housing Fund) under condition of transfer by the insurer to the budget of the region amounts due to the payment of compensation.

The act provides for the establishment of a unified automated information system that contains information about the insurance contracts of residential premises, the size of insurance indemnity, as well as other information on the implementation of housing insurance provided by insurers. The operator of this system will become the all-Russia Union of insurers (VSS).

Obligations of insurers for the payment of compensation under the contracts of insurance of housing from emergency situations shall be transferred to reinsurance in the Russian national reinsurance company (Republic popular): risk of loss in the amount of 95% of the insurer’s obligations with respect to this risk, the risk of damage is at 60%, unless a different amount is not a contract of reinsurance.