The Federation Council approved the law on the date of your registration

© Fotolia / SondemСвадьба. Archival photoThe Federation Council approved the law on the date of your registration© Fotolia / Sondem

The Federation Council on Saturday approved a law granting Russian citizens the right to choose the date and time of the marriage, but not earlier than one month and not later than one year from the date of filing the relevant application.

The amendments, including the Family code of the Russian Federation.

According to the developers, currently, the registration of marriage takes place after the expiry of one month from the date of submission of the application, which makes it impossible to flexibly adjust the workload of the Registrar’s office, and the couple can’t choose a convenient date and time registration.

In addition, these rules creates corruption due to the fact that many want to marry in certain significant dates, but can not apply at the appropriate time.

The adopted law allows citizens to choose the date of state registration of marriage, including remotely, without the need for a personal appearance at the registry office, using a system of public services.