The film «the Carp frostbite» won the main prize Shukshin film festival

© Kinocenter (2017)a shot of the film Carp frostbitten. Archival photoThe film «the Carp frostbite» won the main prize Shukshin film festival© Kinocenter (2017)

Drama directed by Vladimir Kott «Carp frostbite» won the main prize Shukshin film festival, said on Saturday the official website of the government of the region.

This year the competition program of feature films includes 10 movies: drama directed by Vladimir Kott «Carp frostbite» crime film «As Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in a nursing home,» directed by Alexander hunt. Director Vlad Furman presented the Comedy «Lupescu». Also the program included the horror film «Envelope», a documentary film — «tales of the mother» and others.

«The Chairman of the jury Shukshin film festival Valery Fomin awarded the main prize of the festival — a vase of revnevskaya Jasper Kolyvan masters, actress Olga Kozhevnikova, who played one of the roles and presented the film Shukshin film festival», — stated in the message.

Acting Governor of the Altai territory Viktor Tomenko and Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Olga Yarilova awarded a special prize for the film festival according to the motto «Morality is Truth» people’s artist of Russia Fedor Dobronravov for the film «Zhili-byli».

The main prize in the competition program of short film awarded to the film «the Tree» (2018, directed by Hawa Achieva, Russia).

The festival «Shukshin days» was held this year for the 42nd time. The venue became the city of Barnaul, Biysk, Belokurikha, Novoaltaisk, Pavlovsk and the village of Pospelikha and homeland Shukshin — Srostki village. On mount Picket was held the program «Shukshin Shukshin From to», except where the award of the film awards announced the winner of the Shukshin literary award of the Governor of the Altai territory. The day ended on a grief Picket the concert of singer Pelageya.