The film «the cranes are Flying» will be shown at the international film festival in Jerusalem

© RIA Novosti / Kinostudiya «Mosfilm», 1957Перейти in fotobanka from the film the cranes are Flying. Archival photoThe film «the cranes are Flying» will be shown at the international film festival in Jerusalem© RIA Novosti / Kinostudiya «Mosfilm», 1957Перейти the image Bank

The Soviet film «the cranes are Flying» will show in the framework of the 35th international film festival of Jerusalem.

Despite the fact that the 10-day program of the festival JFF — 2018 opened on 26 July in Jerusalem, varied, special surprise for the participants and guests, along with the sensational films of recent years, will be showing of the Soviet film «the cranes are Flying».

Organizers chose this film from a huge number of masterpieces of world film classics due to the fact that exactly 60 years ago in Cannes this talented Soviet filmmakers got the main prize of the festival – the Palme d’or.

It is noteworthy that the demonstration of the film «the cranes are Flying» will be held in the famous Jerusalem Cinematheque. At the time, the Director of the cinema was Leah van Lear. A native of Balti, Liya van Lear later became the founder and President of the festival in Jerusalem. She set the bar high for the festival: the festival came the brightest stars of world cinema.

In the Jerusalem international festival featured the debut of Jim Jarmusch, spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino.

In recognition of Leah van Lear after the death of one of the prizes of the festival called by her name and is awarded annually for the best documentary.

More than 200 films of different genres and the thematic focus will be shown at the festival this year. The jury of the festival will choose the most worthy among numerous nominations, including for best foreign film, for the best display of Jewish concerns, and others. His place among the extensive program will take the films on a religious theme.

Festival of Israeli film «Unorthodox.» Claimed to show a film Henry Pescara 1925 «Les Miserables» — brought back to life thanks to the spectacular digital restoration based on the novel by Victor Hugo.

Russia presented a film telling about the early career of Viktor Tsoi, a youth idol of the eighties, and group «of Cinema», about the relationship between Choi with those who were in the forefront of the rock movement in Leningrad. Despite the fact that the film was recently released, he has been awarded several international prizes.