The Russians share photos of the longest lunar Eclipse of the XXI century

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Russian users of social networks share photos of the longest Eclipse of the moon in the twenty-first century.

#moon #Eclipse

— Rasul Kadiev (@kadievrasul) July 27, 2018

Publication of Nakaryakoff Olegario (@olegario_art) July 27, 2018 at 4:52 PDT


The Eclipse of the satellite began on Friday at 21.24 GMT and lasted until 1.19 GMT Saturday. It has lasted so long due to the fact that the Moon was close to apogee (the point of maximum distance from Land) and were significantly less than the shadow cast by the Earth.

!!!I present to you!!!
— The great opposition of Mars and the Sun
— Total lunar Eclipse
Here is the top dot is the Moon
And under it a point to Mars
*Sorry that the photos do not convey what we actually see now*#EclipseLunar #lunestra

— ★ Kim mommy Conmen ★ (@blackpearl_ks) July 27, 2018

The moon slowly someone is eating. Until bloody and vampires to be seen.#night #Eclipse #space #moon #moon #bloodmoon

— Troy Andrew (@Troy251978) July 27, 2018

When the Moon came fully in the shadow of the planet, it was painted a crimson red color.


Publication of Alexey Zhiryakov (@alexeyzhiryakov) 27 Jul 2018 11:12 PDT


The IPhone 7 Plus #Moon #Eclipse #лунноезатмение2018 #lunestra #krovavaya

— Crotalaria (@0bnaf4vtz4iiA6D) July 27, 2018

The Eclipse could be seen from all over Russia, even in the far East it was noticeable, but early in the morning. Best lunar Eclipse visible in the North Caucasus, the Caspian depression and the southern Urals.