The U.S. is once again trying to explode inside Iran

© AP Photo / Jewel SamadДемонстранты protest against Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Archival photoThe U.S. is once again trying to explode inside Iran© AP Photo / Jewel Samad

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo called on the people of Iran to rise up and «overthrow the corrupt regime». This statement of the foreign Minister, three months ago led the CIA means only that American intelligence agencies are fully engaged in implementation of this target.

«Down with the corrupt regime!»

The report «Support the voice of Iran» Mike Pompeo spoke at the event of the President’s Fund of Ronald Reagan in California. The chief U.S. diplomat did not regret paints, describing the vicious corruption of all Iranian government agencies — military, civilian and even spiritual.

«The irony of the economic situation in Iran is that, while people are screaming about jobs and the need for reform, the regime pockets. The success of the Iranian economy are bearing fruit, but only those who are part of the political elite. We know many examples of corruption in the highest echelons of the Iranian government,» — said the Secretary of state.

Spared Pompeo and the Supreme spiritual leader of the country. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, says the us Secretary of state, belongs to the hedge Fund 95 billion from which it «feeds» the IRGC. In General, Iran, according to the foreign Minister of the United States, is a country ruled by «government, more like a mafia». So Washington’s diplomatic and financial resources is doing everything to block the channels for the enrichment of the Iranian elite.

The report of the Secretary of state is very reminiscent of the speech of any left Communist leader of fattening at the expense of ordinary people of the bourgeoisie calling for revolution.

«In the face of protests against the 40-year regime of tyranny I have a message to the Iranian people: the United States you hear the United States you support the United States with you!» summed up Pompeo.

The rate of youth

Protests in Iran have been ongoing since end of last year. The main reason is socio-economic status. The situation was exacerbated by an unusually cold winter with snowfalls, and the summer drought and crop failure. The official propaganda spread the rumor that natural disasters are not that other, as intrigues of Israel and the United States, ostensibly to use against the Iranians climate weapon. But riots and on other occasions: young people demand democratic reforms, Kurds, Baluchis, ahwazi — independence.

«The main emphasis is on youth, among which are very common left-wing views. In addition, the United States supports and fuelling separatists in Iranian Kurdistan, Baluchistan and Ahwaz,» — says the Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia semen Bagdasarov.

Thus, in the fight against the Tehran regime, Washington did not scruple to resort to using even age-old enemies, the Communists. Not only that — and terrorists too. For example, from the left radical organization Mojahedin-e Khalk, is banned in Iran and Iraq. No wonder in 2009, the European Union, and in 2012, the United States removed it from the list of terrorist.

Well forgotten old

Sixty-five years ago it was exactly the opposite. Then the U.S. intelligence services, in response to a request from British colleagues developed and conducted the operation «Ajax» to eliminate Prime Minister of Iran Mohammed Mossadegh’s. He nationalized the oil industry, and the Anglo-Iranian oil company (later transformed into British Petroleum — BP) has lost access to the fields. In addition, Washington was very afraid of the increasing Communist influence in the country.

Against the legitimate government and the Communists, the CIA used the monarchist-minded political forces and the most radical of the Islamic clergy. The outbreak of the riots was supported by the army, and overthrew Mossadegh’s. Iran has restored «the full monarchy», Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi returned from exile, the Prime Minister took a reliable puppet of the West Fazlollah Zahedi. He canceled the nationalization, the British again took control of the oil fields.

In 1953 in Iran first U.S. overthrew the legitimate government of another country, changing the natural course of its development. History will not forgive: after defeating the Communists in Iran was suppressed and all the other liberal forces, but very strengthened radical Islamists and powerfully intensified anti-Western sentiment.

A quarter century later, it all erupted in erupted in the 1979 Islamic revolution. The seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, the death directed for the release of diplomats, special forces, the dissolution between Iran and the USA diplomatic relations, then — nearly 40 years of conflict. Caught in the power of the Shiite clergy, became an outcast, living in conditions of international isolation and sanctions.

Now with the help of the Communists, separatists, and those at home are considered terrorists, Washington is trying to expand the history of Iran in the opposite direction.

To break — not to build

Mike Pompeo stressed that the United States will not ease pressure on Iran because they believe it is a threat to the world — including Europe. Tehran, as suggested by the Department of state, sponsoring terrorism, and to stop it, only by drying up its financial flows. Washington re-enters sanctions against Iranian banking and energy sectors. In addition, the Americans are negotiating with the countries — importers of Iranian oil in order to completely stop purchases of hydrocarbons from that country this autumn.

At the same time, the efforts of US intelligence, designed to explode inside Iran, is not so hopeless. The desire for democratic reforms really are tangible in the Iranian society, especially among young people. To a large extent the election of President current President Hassan Rouhani was connected with the hope that Iran will be able to lead the country in the number of full members of the world community. The US withdrawal from the nuclear deal has put those hopes on the cross, and people’s disappointment can now move on the critical line. According to Semyon Bagdasarov, alarming for Tehran to signal cases of guards from the IRGC’s participation in the suppression of unrest.

Anyway, if calls Mike Pompeo and the efforts of the CIA to achieve the goals, the country will plunge into chaos of revolt and civil war. And it is unlikely the world will sigh with relief.