The us military will save the «Russian President» in the new movie

On the Youtube channel of the company Lionsgate Movies published a new trailer of the movie «Hunter-killer», in which American submariners prevent a Third world war, rescuing the Russian President.

The new movie is about the crew of the American submarine, which is located in the Arctic ocean. In the course of the assignment it becomes known that Russia plans a military coup, initiated by the Minister of defence of Russia. This can eventually destroy the global order and lead to a massive war. To prevent this, the team submarine decides to carry out an operation to rescue the Russian President.

The main roles in the film played by Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman, and the role of the President of Russia starred Russian actor Aleksandr Dyachenko. The Director of the film was made by Donovan Marsh.

In the Russian hire movie will be released on October 25, 2018.