Tretyakov said that the UK had not contacted him in the case NPO Lavochkin

© AGN «Moscow» / Kirill Zykovo them. The Lavochkin. Archival photoTretyakov said that the UK had not contacted him in the case NPO Lavochkin© AGN «Moscow» / Kirill Zykov

The investigation did not bother wanted on charges of fraud in NPO Lavochkin lawyer Igor Tretyakov on vacation, although he officially announced his whereabouts in the media.

Earlier, the UK announced it in the Federal wanted list on charges of fraud. After that, he announced through media that is on vacation on lake Baikal and is an official participant of the festival aquabike Baikal Jet Fest.

«After that, me, none of the investigators were not contacted, not even calling,» said Tretyakov, RIA Novosti. He explained that on 29 July returned to Moscow. Previously Tretyakov called unfortunate misunderstanding their announcement of the Federal investigation, and stated that he is ready to cooperate with the investigation.

The General Director of NPO Lavochkin, the Deputy of Moscow region Duma, Sergey Lemeshevsky, Chairman of the Directorate of legal support of NGOs Catherine Averianova and Chairman of the law firm «Tretyakov and partners» Tretyakov charged with fraud in especially large size. In the UK, said that Tretyakov disappeared and is declared in Federal search. According to investigators, the suspects stole the funds of the state Corporation «Roscosmos», concluding fictitious contracts with foreign counter «Tretyakov and partners». Legal services performed by staff members of NGOs, the total amount of payments to a law firm for two years amounted to 330 million rubles.