Business out of nothing: sellers earn air choking the Asians

© RIA Novosti / Anna Radioglobo in the streets of Beijing, China. 28 Mar 2018Business out of nothing: sellers earn air choking the Asians© RIA Novosti / Anna was Raccogli

MOSCOW, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. Nine out of ten people on the planet breathe smog, or die — seven million a year. Particularly affected Asian countries, and there has already come the sellers of air. For poor population of China and India is a compulsory item of expenditure. On butylated spend the air more than the water. Who and how many earns and why people are forced to pay for oxygen in the material RIA Novosti.

Forty dollars per bottle

One of the most attractive markets for sellers of air — China, with its polutoramilliardnuyu population, shrouded in smog. Breathing through masks and scarves, but it does not save. In 2008, the authorities tried to disperse the permanent smog over Beijing for the summer Olympics. Failed. Environment is polluted by 17 million cars and a lot of production. And all this with very high humidity. The contents are dangerous to health particulate PM2.5 in the atmosphere — about 500 micrograms per cubic meter. This is almost 20 times more than the who standards.

Authorities are trying to do something: on even days banned from the roads for the vehicles with plates ending on an odd number, and Vice versa, closing of the construction site, but all in vain.

The fee for fresh air

In 2016, to capitalize on the problem was solved by a startup from Canada VitalityAir, offering capacity «with the fresh air of the rocky mountains». The cylinder 80 SIPS is $ 13, 150 — 23. Not the most affordable product.

A bottle of mineral water in China is 50 times cheaper, and the average salary there is $ 450-500 per month.

A British Aеthaer, whose founder calls himself a «farmer of the air» working in the premium segment and focused on wealthy clients: capacity of 580 ml, air-filled mountain slopes in Dorset, costing buyers $ 140. Part of the profits from the sale of the entrepreneur invests in the production of a cheaper product that is in demand in Asian markets, and respiratory masks.

«We sell air to those who can afford it, and mask the rest,» — says the entrepreneur.

The target audience of such companies — the inhabitants of the cities, mainly in Asia and the middle East. Could beach developing countries, where rapid industrial growth kills the environment.© Photo : Valentin FlaurauШвейцарский the Canton of ValaisBusiness out of nothing: sellers earn air choking the Asians© Photo : Valentin FlaurauШвейцарский the Canton of Valais

But is there any benefit

Enterprising sellers remind: fresh air clears the lungs, increases energy, normalizes blood pressure and pulse. But really don’t know how often to swallow from small bottles.

«Maybe ten breaths a day» — suggest in Vitality Air. They confess: they did not order a study on whether there are real health benefits from their product. However, independent research on this subject has not been seen.

«In modern medical science there are no data on the benefits of clean air in small amounts» — note the Green & Clean.

Whether butylated air helps? «There’s no evidence» — say specialists at Imperial College London. That is nothing more than marketing, believe in the world health organization — clean air we need to breathe constantly.

Meanwhile, according to who, the air continues to be polluted. It vendors are rubbing their hands together and hatching new business plans. One of the ideas is to be worn on the back of air bag — like backpack. It’s enough to breathe clean air the entire eight-hour day.