In Indonesia, the death toll in the earthquake has risen to 13 people

© Photo : Vladimir Trofimovskaya assistance in Indonesia. Archive photoIn Indonesia, the death toll in the earthquake has risen to 13 people© Photo : Vladimir Trofimenko

The death toll in a powerful earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok has risen to 13, according to TV channel ABC News, citing local authorities.

Previously mentioned about ten victims.

As the channel reports, the representative of the Agency for the prevention of consequences of natural disasters Purvo Nugroho said the death toll could rise as information about the victims still arrive.

He added that the worst affected Eastern part of the island, where ten people were killed, at least another 20 people were injured, half of them were seriously injured. Dozens of homes in the region were damaged. Later in his Twitter Nugroho said that three more people died in the North of the island and 637 injured. He also explained that most of the deaths were caused by falling concrete slabs.

The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.4 occurred on the densely populated island of Lombok in Indonesia on Sunday, 6.47 (1.47 MSK) in the vicinity of the volcano Rinjani and close to the popular tourist island of Bali. The earthquake lies close to the surface — at a depth of 7.5 kilometers. According to the Indonesian Agency of meteorology and Geophysics, the earthquake was followed by at least 11 aftershocks.