In Indonesia, three people were killed in the earthquake

© AP Photo / Tatan SyuflanaСкорая assistance, Indonesia. Archival photoIn Indonesia, three people were killed in the earthquake© AP Photo / Tatan Syuflana

At least three people were killed when a powerful earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok, reports Channel NewsAsia, citing local authorities.

The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.4 occurred on the densely populated island of Lombok in Indonesia on Sunday, 6.47 (1.47 MSK) in the vicinity of the volcano Rinjani and close to the popular tourist island of Bali. The earthquake lies close to the surface — at a depth of 7.5 kilometers.

As reported by TV, underground tremors caused a tsunami. According to the Indonesian Agency of meteorology and Geophysics, the earthquake was followed by at least 11 aftershocks.

The Agency for liquidation of accidents reported numerous destructions. The representative of the Ministry of Sutopo Purvo Nugroho shared on his Twitter the photos depicting the ruins of collapsed buildings. Also, the earthquake affected the popular tourist national Park of mount Rinjani.

«The ascent to mount rinjani is temporarily closed because it was identified landslides,» Nugroho added.

Indonesia is the most seismically active area of the planet and is part of the so-called Pacific ring of fire (powerful tectonic fault). In this area of the world are the most active tectonic plates, one of which moves with a speed of seven centimeters a year. Annually seismologists register here 6-7 thousand earthquakes of magnitude above 4.0.