In Laos, nine people died as a result of destruction of dam

CC BY 2.0 / Francisco Anzola / LaosЛаос. Archival photoIn Laos, nine people died as a result of destruction of damCC BY 2.0 / Francisco Anzola / Laos

The government of Laos reported the death of nine people as a result of destruction of a dam in the province Attapu, another 122 people are reported missing, according to Xinhua news Agency.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Laos Thongloun Sisoulith himself led the first stage of the rescue operation on the spot on Tuesday, said about 131 missing in the disaster area, but did not result in the number of deaths. At the same time, the media reported 28 dead.

Information about the victims was confirmed by the Deputy Secretary of the party Committee of the province Attapu Minaton Sisomphou, who is also Deputy commander of the rescue operation. According to her, currently the government is making special cards saved for local residents to once again all counted, and to clarify the situation with uncertainty.

The tragedy occurred due to rain on Monday in the district Sanamxay Attapu province in southern Laos. Breakthrough construction of additional hydroelectric dams in Sepian-Se Nam Noi have led to flooding, which was flooded six villages.

The construction of the dam was conducted with the participation of South Korean companies SK E&C and Korea Western Power. Its representatives also said that will travel to Laos to investigate the circumstances of the tragedy and assessment of the ability to repair the damage.

The extent of the affected areas. for its part, the South Korean government will determine at a meeting of the government.