In Serbia’s bar Association went on strike because of the murder of a lawyer

© AFP 2018 / Dimitar DilkoffДрагослав Misha Ognjanovic, the lawyer of the President of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic. Archival photoIn Serbia’s bar Association went on strike because of the murder of a lawyer© 2018 AFP / Dimitar Dilkoff

The bar chamber of Serbia and Belgrade demanded a speedy investigation of the murder of lawyer Dragoslav Micha Ognjanovica, speaking on a number of high-profile cases, and announced the termination of work for the week.

Unknown, according to police, shot Ognjanovica on the street anti-fascist struggle in front of the house in area of New Belgrade around 19.30 (20.30 GMT) on Saturday. The lawyer from the received wounds has died, his adult-old son with a wound of the hand was brought to the city emergency center. The head of the criminal police Dejan Kovacevic promised that interior Ministry officials and prosecutors will take all necessary measures to search for the attacker.

«The murder of Micha Ognjanovica dramatically demonstrates the conditions in which lawyers in Serbia doing my professional duty. This murder was the latest in a series of numerous attacks on lawyers, many of which remain unsolved,» — said the bar Association in the country.

«Therefore, the bar Association of Serbia and bar Association of Belgrade informs the public that from Monday 30 July 2018 stop working for one week to send a clear signal of unity in the profession and firm determination not to come to terms with such incidents,» — said in the message.

Colleagues Ognjanovica noted that «in the most energetic manner require from the competent state bodies to use all available means» to investigate the murder. Representatives of professional associations also demanded a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of interior and Ministry of justice.

In recent years, the victim participated in several high-profile cases. Among them, the trials against the members of the Montenegrin mafia, where Ognjanovic represented the interests of serving in Spain’s 18-year prison term for illegal weapons possession the leader of the OCG of Luka Bojović and his family. Confrontation between clans Bojović and Saranovich has led to several casualties in the last five years.

The lawyer also acted for the murder of French fan Brice taton in the Belgrade, where he defended the George Prelić, one of the leaders of a fan group of the football club «Partizan».

The greatest prominence in the media Ognjanovic received during the trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic as a legal adviser to whom the process at the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague he was.