Israel confirmed the reports about the interception of European vessels

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotosensibile flag. Archival photoIsrael confirmed the reports about the interception of European vessels© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

The Israeli military confirmed that was stopped in the Mediterranean and is now being towed to their base ship with Pro-Palestinian activists sailing to break the blockade of Gaza.

The army’s press service announced that the interception of the former fishing schooner flying the Norwegian flag there were «no accidents».

«The Israeli Navy intercepted the ship, which was flying from Europe with the intention to break the legal naval blockade, which operates in the Gaza strip,» — said in a press release.

«Right now, it should be in the port of Ashdod,» — said the military.

According to the organizers, on Board the vessel «al aouda» («Return») 22 sailor, human rights activist and journalist from 16 countries, as well as loads of medical supplies in the amount of 13 thousand euros.

«The Navy explained to the passengers that they violate a legal naval blockade, and any humanitarian aid can be transferred to Gaza via the Ashdod port,» the report says.

In a solidarity mission with the Palestinians, involved another vessel yacht Freedom («Liberty»), which is expected in the next two days will try to break through to Gaza under the flag of Sweden with an international crew on Board.

The naval blockade of the enclave, the Israeli authorities explain the need to prevent the supply of weapons to militants from the radical Palestinian groups. Human rights organizations consider it illegal as collective punishment and has repeatedly sent to the shores of Gaza ships carrying humanitarian aid and solidarity delegations.

In most cases, interception took place without the use of force. The exception was the arrest in 2010 of a caravan of six ships that were carrying to Gaza, hundreds of activists and thousands of tons of various cargoes. Then killed nine members of navigation, Turk, rendered fierce resistance to the boarding group.