The controversial writer told how he had fought with the Russian language in the children’s camp

© Photo : page Larissa Nicoll in FacebookЛариса NicollThe controversial writer told how he had fought with the Russian language in the children’s camp© Photo : Larissa Nicoi page in Facebook

Ukrainian writer and well-known defender of the native language Larisa Nicoll in an interview with «the observer» said, as imposed Ukrainian regime in a children’s camp in Carpathians, where she was invited to work.

«Came a lot of Russian-speaking children and were counselors-educators. I said, so teachers, we have a Ukrainian regime in the camp. You talk exclusively in the Ukrainian language», — explained Nicoll.

According to her, some teachers and counselors said that «hate» the Ukrainian language, to which the writer replied that it is their own business, but every time I speak with children in Russian, they will pay a fine.

Nicoll explained that the children she was allowed to speak any language, «but in a public space to prepare a paper, presentation, speak» only in Ukrainian. For this they were given extra candy.

«Children we have encouraged to the Ukrainian language to speak. And personal space me out and taught that there is a private space and the public. And punish the teachers — some teachers went home, not doschitalis salary 500-600 hryvnia (1100-1400 rubles — ed.)», — said the writer.

Nicoll known that defends the Ukrainian language in all situations. Before the New year she asked the girl-the cashier at the store Watsons speak to her only in Ukrainian, not having her, threw her change. In February it was outraged by «the great Russian sea and solid Tambov» at the Mall Lavina in Kiev. In may it was not satisfied with Russian-speaking guides train Kiev —Zaporozhye.

The indignation of the writer has caused even the SBU: in June she made a scene, came to the office and heard that the staff talk to each other in Russian. After that, the writer left the building of the office, slamming the door. In addition, last month Nicoll urged to rename Russia «Muscovy», because the name «Rus» was «stolen» from the Ukrainians.