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Barcelona taxi drivers are threatening to block the border, railway stations and airport – Russia news today

Barcelona taxi drivers are threatening to block the border, railway stations and airport

© AP Photo / Manu FernandezПротестующий burn flares during a strike of taxi drivers in BarcelonaBarcelona taxi drivers are threatening to block the border, railway stations and airport© AP Photo / Manu Fernandez

Taxi drivers in Barcelona and Madrid continue Monday an indefinite strike, they were joined by the drivers of many other cities of Spain.

In the list where the strike – Malaga, Valencia, Alicante, Zaragoza, La Rioja, Seville, Bilbao, Valladolid, Palma. Here on indefinite strike has not yet been announced, however many taxi drivers do not work.

The organizers of the strike, which started in Barcelona last week threatened to block the border with France, ports, airports, railway stations, said at a rally in Barcelona, the representative of the Élite Taxi Alvarez, Alvaro «Tito».

These measures taxi drivers will come running if at a meeting Monday with the Ministry of development will fail to agree on the fulfillment of their demands – the cessation of issuance of new licenses to car rental with driver (VTC used Uber and Cabify), the rule according to which thirty official licenses of taxi drivers should have to license VTC, and to allow the regional authorities to determine the quota.

Madrid taxi drivers announced a strike over the weekend. The taxi ride from either airport. Adolfo Suarez, neither of the stations. Near the train station Atocha is located a few dozen taxis, but they only transported passengers, which is difficult to use public transport to people with disabilities. «Today we provide only the minimum service. Apologize to the other passengers, but it’s the only way to get us to hear. The protests did not start today, we’re talking about this issue for several years, and as a result the government is always on the side of Uber,» says Jorge, who works as a taxi driver for fifteen years. The situation, when an official license has to pay over one hundred thousand euros, and the license VTC may cost few tens of euros, he considers «outrageous.»

A tourist from Germany confused looks on the subway map. That in Madrid taxi drivers strike, she didn’t know. «It’s terribly uncomfortable to ride with such a huge suitcase. Don’t understand why they are protesting, but for me it’s not the best start to the week» — it is indignant.

In Barcelona, where the strike continues for the fifth day, still blocked one of the Central streets of the city – Gran vía. Taxi drivers spent there three nights and not going to disperse.

With the representatives of the taxi drivers Fedetaxi, Antaxi y Elitetaxi on Monday will meet the Secretary of state for transport, Pedro Saura.

On Tuesday to hold talks with representatives of associations of entrepreneurs Unauto, which is engaged in providing licensing VTC. Uber and Cabify y requires the government to «stop the blackmail» on the part of taxi drivers, as well as to prevent further attacks on drivers and their cars. On August 1, appointed by the national conference of transport, which will be attended by development Minister, Jose Luis Abalos and industry representatives of the different Autonomous communities.

In mid-March, the taxi service Uber has resumed in Barcelona after a hiatus of nearly four years. The company said it will provide its services through UberX drivers must have a license VTC — car that can be rented with a driver. The drivers should be registered as individual entrepreneurs. This type of license is much cheaper than the official taxi license.

The authorities of Barcelona on June 26 approved a quota of 30 licenses of taxi drivers should have to license VTC. In addition to the license, drivers must have permission of the Urban Institute for a taxi.

After this, the Ministry of development of Spain filed a lawsuit about the illegality of the decision of the city authorities. The court accepted the claim to consideration, that automatically means a suspension of the decision of the authorities of Barcelona.

Crece la guerra del taxi: huelga indefinida en Barcelona y espontánea en Madrid https://t.co/Q8NksBaPny vía @indpcom

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