China has stated that it is open to dialogue with U.S. on trade

© AP Photo / Andy Wong, FileФлаг USA on the background emblem of China in Beijing. Archival photoChina has stated that it is open to dialogue with U.S. on trade© AP Photo / Andy Wong, File

. China is committed to resolving any disputes through dialogue within the legal framework of relevant international mechanisms, Beijing is open to dialogue with Washington on trade friction, but it needs to be based on mutual respect and fair approach, said Monday at a press conference the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang I.

«This year we have held several rounds of talks with the US on trade disagreements and reached a number of consensuses, unfortunately, USA has not fulfilled its promises and commitments. The basic principle for China’s adherence to the policy of reform and opening up, Beijing has always been committed to dialogue, open and ready for him, but it was based on justice and mutual respect», — said the head of the Chinese foreign Ministry at a joint press conference with his British counterpart Jeremy hunt.

He stressed that «the existing trade conflicts between China and the United States, initiated by Washington,» and the responsibility for the outbreak and escalation of a trade war lies entirely on US. «China did not want this war, but in response to US pressure, we had to take the necessary measures,» — said Wang Yi

«Provocations of the US in the trade have no legal basis, if there are contradictions, we can hold negotiations in the framework of the dispute settlement mechanism of the WTO, but the United States resorted to only to its own internal laws and regulations that violate the principles of WTO», — said the head of the foreign Ministry of the PRC.

He noted that the United States violated not only international norms but their promises, «this is a typical example of a policy of unilateral action and hegemony in the trade, and this is unacceptable».