For our lands. White farmers from South Africa move to Russia

© Photo : Vladimir Probarranquilla the Boers of South Africa in Stavropol. Archive photoFor our lands. White farmers from South Africa move to Russia© Photo : Vladimir Poluboyarinov

In Stavropol Krai in the beginning of July arrived the family of white farmers from South Africa to explore the potential of the region and maybe move here permanently. The law on the confiscation of the land makes South African landowners of European origin to leave the country. About what is happening in their homeland and how they can get in Russia — in the material RIA Novosti.

In warmer climes

South Africans like fertile land and warm climate of Stavropol. The head of the family Ian Slebos noted that farmers are also eyeing the Rostov region, the Crimea, Krasnodar Krai. The motifs all have in common is oppression from the black population.

«The land of white farmers are exposed to daily attacks by bandits. From different regions of the country constantly there are reports about the murders of the Boers,» — said Ian Slebos at a meeting with representatives of local authorities.

Assistant Commissioner for human rights in Stavropol Krai Vladimir Poluboyarinov noted that the possibility of moving in the coming months, consider 30 to 50 families, and the total number of interested — 15 thousand people. «Those who are still not going to move, ready to invest in economy of the Stavropol region», — he explained.

If Russia white farmers in South Africa are only starting in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the UK actively moving. So, for the last five years has left the country 82 thousands of white South Africans. They are not confident of their safety — especially after the approval by Parliament of the law on compulsory appropriation of land by the Boers.

South African President Cyril of Ramaphosa claimed that land reform is not a threat to them. But he believed not all.

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Disputes over land

The problem is that both white and black population considers themselves the rightful owners of the land. The farmers of European origin believe that they have more rights — it is their ancestors who arrived more than three hundred years ago from Portugal, Holland and France, was engaged in its cultivation. The descendants of immigrants — the indigenous people of South Africa, the Afrikaners. Particularly anxious to land are the villagers. They call themselves Boers, and believe that, if not for their European ancestors, these African lands would have remained a virgin.

«To tell the Boers that South Africa is not their homeland, is a strong insult. They are too long and hard he studied farming on lands virtually unsuitable for this purpose. To a white farmer somewhere moved? This should be specific circumstances,» says RIA Novosti Anna, the wife of one of the local farmers.

The white population in Africa has always existed in isolation from black. And in 1948 the ruling national party of South Africa announced a policy of apartheid. The right of land ownership was only from farmers of European origin. In 1994, it was canceled, and soon began land redistribution. The Afrikaners relied compensation. Since then, the white farmers gave blacks ten percent of the land, but it was planned three times more.

Discrimination on racial grounds face not so much borax, how much the white population of the major cities. «White is often denied jobs just because they are white. For public office for the Afrikaners not to get. So they leave the country. Moreover, in addition to the traditional Australia and New Zealand, there is growing interest in moving to Russia, Georgia and other countries with a warm climate,» notes Eugene N.

The situation is aggravated by the high crime rate in relation to the white population. Thus, according to the South African organization for the protection of the rights of farmers AgriSA, for the last two years have killed 47 white farmers. «South African authorities say about reducing crime. And this is the truth. Because of the zero in the country each year, killing up to one hundred white,» explains RIA Novosti employee of an international organization in South Africa, asking you to specify only her name is Michelle.

Politicians are looking for benefits

Reluctance to call the full names and positions of the interlocutors RIA Novosti in South Africa attributed to fears for personal safety. They all agree that the law about taking land unlikely to accept in the near future. «The controversy surrounding this law is beneficial to all. Parties representing the interests of blacks seek to attract new supporters. The party of the white minority also skillfully negotiate to keep concessions,» — emphasizes Eugene N.

«The situation in South Africa is well described in the novel by South African writer John Coetzee «Disgrace». It seems that the white and black population lives, speaks, hates each other in some lost time. But, alas, it is today», concludes Michelle. And quotes one of the characters in the book: «People are not divided into major and minor. How important it is today to understand South Africa!»

© Photo : Vladimir Probarranquilla the Boers of South Africa in Stavropol For our lands. White farmers from South Africa move to Russia© Photo : Vladimir Probarranquilla the Boers of South Africa to Stavropol