In Belgium, said about the lack of police

© AFP 2018 / Patrik StollarzСотрудник police of Belgium. Archival photoIn Belgium, said about the lack of police© 2018 AFP / Patrik Stollarz

Police in Belgium is experiencing an acute shortage of personnel, the Federal service requires 1610 agents, the district police stations — 2097, said the representative of the Union guards SLFP Vincennes Houssen.

According to him, the shortage of personnel leads to the fact that the police are forced to reduce patrol activities. «Often, decisions are made about reducing the patrols,» said Houssen reporters. He said that in a situation with a lack of personnel, the Union has already requested the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belgium to accelerate the recruitment of police personnel.

Newspaper De Morgen in April 2017, reported on the shortage of personnel in the ranks of the anti-terrorist unit of the Federal police of Belgium. The publication then informed about the intention of about 20 specialists in the fight against terrorism to leave the ranks of the units in connection with the unfair criticism to which they were subjected in connection with the terrorist attacks of March 22, 2016 in Brussels.