In Myanmar, 23 people were victims of a landslide

© AP Photo / Manish PaudeРезультаты landslide. Archival photoIn Myanmar, 23 people were victims of a landslide© AP Photo / Manish Paude

At least 23 people died in the landslide in the North of Myanmar, last week, four more still missing, reports Xinhua news Agency.

At least 27 people were reported missing after the landslide caused by the collapse of the mine in the mining area in the North of Myanmar. The landslide was caused by the collapse of the wall dienstmerkmal unused mines jade mining in Kachin state on Tuesday. The mine belongs to the company Ayeyar Yadanar Company.

On Monday it became known about the discovery of 23 bodies, said the report.

The operation to search for four more people continues.

Previously, the landslide is of similar magnitude occurred in the region on 14 July. The result is at least ten seekers of jade were killed and 43 were injured, Xinhua adds.