In Sochi, told about the details of the fire that killed eight people

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Cookingplate in photobacteria sleeves. Archival photoIn Sochi, told about the details of the fire that killed eight people© RIA Novosti / Alexander Cookingplate the image Bank

The fire in Sochi, in which 8 people died and 3 were injured, occurred in temporary buildings, it could be the cause for the fire, all the dead and injured are salaried workers, according to the city administration.

Earlier it was reported that at a fire in a private house in the Adler district of Sochi 8 people died, 3 were injured. According to GU MVS of Russia in Krasnodar Krai, in extinguishing the fire was attended by over 90 people.

«Today on the streets of Enlightenment, 81 caught fire canopy and catering facilities and the adjacent temporary metal structure. It became obvious that burned down temporary structures, located on a strip of branch of the Railways.

«Temporary structures — tent for the caterers and the metal structure was covered with flammable materials — siding. They burned completely», — is spoken in the message of the city hall.

«The fire killed 8 people. Three, including 16-year-old, now with burns and injuries of varying severity are in hospital, they are given all necessary assistance. All the dead and injured — wage workers, presumably from the CIS countries. At the moment we know that the lease for this site was signed with the company «Russian Railways», her representative is now on the scene. All the circumstances and causes of fire are clarified,» — adds a press-service of the municipality.

It is clarified that according to the preliminary version the cause of the fire could be the grill.