In the Birobidzhan phenternine, where he died 11 people, found violations

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voiceoperated in fotoreceptori Prosecutor’s office. Archival photoIn the Birobidzhan phenternine, where he died 11 people, found violations© RIA Novosti / Michael Voiceoperated the image Bank

The Prosecutor’s office revealed numerous violations in the work of the Birobidzhan psychoneurological boarding school, where died of pneumonia 11 people, in particular infectious patients were left in overcrowded wards, and patients were underfeeding, according to the Supervisory authority of the Jewish Autonomous region.

From March 19 to may 5 at the regional hospital, died of pneumonia patients of a psychoneurological boarding school. Criminal case under article «negligence» and «rendering services not meeting safety requirements».

«In the social institution found in violation of sanitary-epidemiological legislation, failure to comply with fire safety requirements and legislation on health protection of citizens. It is established that the institution in the organization and implementation of social services has not conducted activities on the prevention of infectious diseases, died of pneumonia 11 wards», — stated in the message.

Necessary medical monitoring of patients with suspected infectious disease have not been conducted, such charges in a timely manner was not isolated, adding the Prosecutor’s office. The spread of infectious morbidity in the group contributed to the overcrowding in the individual houses, listed in the release.

«Wards not fully ensured proper nutrition. Such foods as fruits and berries, pasta, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, sausage, wards of the institution was not provided,» — said the Prosecutor.

The Prosecutor of the region has brought representation to the Governor of the Autonomous region, after which the breaches began to be eliminated.

«Director of OGBU «Birobidzhan psikhonevrologicheskiy internat» fired six employees of the orphanage were brought to disciplinary responsibility in the form of observations,» — said in the message.