In Transbaikalia will supply drugs for the prevention of acute intestinal infections

© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramovici in photosangelina products in a laboratory of a pharmaceutical plantIn Transbaikalia will supply drugs for the prevention of acute intestinal infections© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramovica the image Bank

Manufacturer of immunobiological preparations «Microgene» will deliver over 7.6 thousand packages of drugs for prevention of acute intestinal infections of residents of the Baikal region, which has suffered from flooding, said in a press release, «national immunobiological company».

Floods in the areas of Transbaikalian edge began on 8 July. In Chita it is the strongest flood since the beginning of the history of observation — 1936. In Transbaikalia were impounded 38 settlements, 776 homes, 2030 household plots, 2749 suburban areas, 28 adjoining areas of apartment buildings.

«NPO «Microgen» of the holding «national immunobiological company» (state Corporation rostec) has launched the operational supply of more than 7600 packages of pharmaceuticals of bacteriophages for prevention of acute intestinal infections in flood-affected residents in Zabaykalsky Krai», — stated in the message.

Bacteriophages in the flood areas are used to prevent possible outbreaks of infectious diseases. Medicinal bacteriophages, non — toxic drugs that selectively infecting bacterial cells. They do not affect the body’s microflora, in contrast to antibiotics, and can safely be used by pregnant women, lactating mothers and infants to treat a wide range of bacterial infections.

«The drugs will be transported to the region of the four parties in the operational mode to prevent possible outbreaks, including dysentery and other intestinal diseases. In the next few days the entire volume of drugs will be at the disposal of local authorities» — presented in a release words of General Director of «Microgene» Kirill Gaidash.