In Tuva vaccinated all people in the outbreak of anthrax

© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Hinakura in fotobanka with a syringe. Archival photoIn Tuva vaccinated all people in the outbreak of anthrax© RIA Novosti / Nikolay to Highacidity the image Bank

All the people of the territory in Barun-Khemchikskaya area of Tuva, where an outbreak of anthrax, vaccinated, said at a meeting of the Republican government, the head of the Ministry of health of the region Orlan Dongak.

«In the outbreak of anthrax coverage (vaccination of people — ed.) is 100%. People who are involved in the elimination, is also 100% vaccinated,» said Dongak.

He also said that in other towns, where previously there were cases of anthrax poisoning, will also be vaccinated. According to him, two patients, previously hospitalized due to anthrax, ready to be discharged. Five people, who were hospitalized for observation, no signs of the disease are revealed.

On Monday it was reported that two men of 31 and 34 years after slaughter of cattle was covered with red ulcers and was hospitalized with suspected anthrax. On-site herders, quarantined, prohibited the slaughter of cattle. Tuvan veterinary laboratory confirmed the presence of anthrax in pathological samples from slaughtered cattle.

Anthrax is an acute infectious disease, which if not timely rescue can lead to death. Be transmitted through meat of infected animals and their byproducts — hides, leather and so on. Person-to-person infection is not transmitted.