Meteorologists have ruled out the possibility of a repetition of the flood of 2013 in the Amur river

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The rise of the water level in the Amur river, which is expected in the coming days in the Jewish Autonomous region and Khabarovsk territory, will not reach dangerous levels in 2013 due to the snowy winters, said at a press conference on Monday the Deputy chief of Department of Hydrometeorology of the Russian Far East Eugene Primachev.

Earlier it was reported that because of the constant rains in the Amur region, increasing the water level in the Amur river and small rivers. So, in early August, the flood crest is expected in Khabarovsk – the level of the river can exceed five meters (adverse level of 4.5 meters and threat six meters). During the flood of 2013, the level of Amur river near Khabarovsk made up 8.08 meters.

«The prevailing flood situation in the Amur — it is not a repetition of 2013. The formation year of the flood is influenced by the situation of last autumn, winter and spring. Fall 2017 have observed a small water level of the Amur river, in winter the snow cover was small, the spring was observed a small amount of precipitation, and in may-June, the level of the Amur river was below normal 30-200 cm. The difference in the water levels with the year 2013 leaves up to 4.5 meters», — said Primakov.

He added that since the end of June in Transbaikalia were heavy rains, which formed the floods in the tributaries of the Amur, Shilka, anon, Nerche and Mogocha, which has shifted to the upper Amur. The flood crest has passed the Amur region, and today come to the village of Nagibovo in the Jewish Autonomous region.

«We expect to receive Nagibovo level in the range of 1.03 thousand centimeters, with a dangerous level of 1,1 thousand centimeters. Near the village of Leninsky in the JAR it will be 31 July — 1 August, comes close to a dangerous phenomenon – 830 centimeters, when the threat of 850 centimeters. Their influence will also have the Songhua river (China),» said Primakov.

«Then the crest will come to Khabarovsk. We expect it will reach Khabarovsk 520 centimeters, threat 600 centimeters. In Komsomolsk amount of 460 centimeters, threat 650 centimeters,» he predicts.

The weatherman said that the water levels in the Amur river are not rare and happen once in 10-15 years, while the levels of the flood of 2013 — a time in 200 years.

According to Primachev, August 4-5, in the South of Khabarovsk Krai from China will come the next cyclone – former Typhoon «Dandari». «Serious rain the cyclone will bring, but it will somewhat delay the flood in Khabarovsk», — he said.