Named the country with the cheapest gasoline

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in fotosensibilizatora station. Archival photoNamed the country with the cheapest gasoline© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

Bloomberg ranked the countries with the cheapest and most expensive gasoline AI-95 in the world.

According to Bloomberg, the cheapest fuel is sold in Venezuela, where a liter of gasoline costs less than $ 0.01. In second place is Iran with price is 0.28 dollar, the top three locked Kuwait with 0.35 dollars per liter.

The top ten countries with the cheapest gasoline also includes Nigeria (0.41 USD), Egypt (0.43 USD), Saudi Arabia (0.54 USD), Malaysia (0.54 USD), Indonesia (0.67 dollar), UAE (0,68 dollar) and Russia (0.72 dollar).

According to the rating of the most expensive gasoline in the world in Hong Kong (2.09 USD), Norway (2.02 USD) and the Netherlands (1.93 USD). The top ten also included Greece (1.91 USD), Italy (1.91 USD), Denmark (1.90 dollar) Israel (1.86 USD), Portugal (1.83 USD), Finland (1.79 USD) and France (1.78 USD).

According to Rosstat, on July 23, the cost of gasoline AI-92 in Russia is 41,53 rubles per liter, the price of AI-95 — 44,59 rubles per liter, AI-98 — 49,84 ruble per liter.