New «Mission: impossible» became the leader of the Russian hire

© AP Photo / Thibault Samiti Tom cruise at the world premiere of Mission: impossible Consequences. Archival photoNew «Mission: impossible» became the leader of the Russian hire© AP Photo / Thibault Camus

The new part of the movie «Mission impossible» topped the box office in Russia and CIS countries, according to data portal

The painting «Mission: impossible-Implications» show on Russian screens on July 26, and for the first four days the new part of the franchise was able to collect on Thursday of 57 million rubles, according to calculations of the portal, in total for the premiere weekend should earn 237-238 million rubles.

The Thriller «Mission: impossible-Implications» the sixth part of the franchise about the agent Ethan Hunt, in which role he acts as the actor Tom cruise. The film was directed by Christopher Mcquarrie. The film also starred Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Angela Bassett.