Putin signed the law on commodity Internet aggregators

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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law about Internet aggregators, information about the products and services they have responsibility of their owners, the relevant document published on the official portal of legal information.

The document is aimed at filling gaps in the legal regulation of the sale of goods and services on the Internet and the development of additional mechanisms to protect the rights of acquiring their consumers. Introduces the concept of owners, aggregators of information about goods (services), allowing not only to read such information, but also to conclude a contract and make an advance payment.

The law obliges the owners of such aggregators to provide consumers with information about yourself and the seller (executor) of goods (services), as well as about all what happened in it changes. To do this they can by posting relevant information on their websites or pages in the Internet.

Sellers (artists) will be required to inform owners aggregators accurate information about themselves and place it on their websites. In case of change of such information they should inform the owner of the aggregator within one working day from the date of any change, at the same time specifying information on its website. The owner of the aggregator, upon receiving such information, also in one day needs to make changes on your website.

At the same time they will not be responsible for the execution of the contract concluded by the consumer with the seller (contractor) on the basis provided by the owner aggregator of information, and for the rights of consumers are violated as a result of the transfer of low-quality goods (works, services) and exchange of nonfood goods for the same. However, unless otherwise provided in the agreement between the owner of the aggregator and seller (contractor) or follows from the nature of their relationship.

The owner of the aggregator will be responsible for the damages caused to the consumer as a result of providing it with inaccurate or incomplete information in the product (or service), if he has not changed received from the seller (executor) information.

The consumer will be entitled to require from the owner aggregator of the refund of the amount produced in the pre-payment of goods (services). On such return within 10 days from the date of presentation of the claim. However, it will be possible, if the item has not been uploaded, or the service is not provided within the prescribed period, and the consumer directed to the seller or the contractor with the notice of refusal from them and reported it to the owner of the aggregator. The refund may be refused if the seller can provide owner aggregator confirmation of the transfer of the goods to the consumer.

The law shall enter into force on 1 January 2019.