Scientists have named the formula for a successful film

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A group of scientists from the US and the UK revealed the formula for a successful scenario that can bring the film a box office success. The basis they took a brilliant film. A study published by Cornell University in the USA.

Total allocated six main types of story arches: continuous uniform movement of emotional charge to rise (the history of «out of poverty into wealth»); continuous uniform movement to the fall («Romeo and Juliet»); a sharp drop, then rise («the Godfather»); a sharp rise, then fall (the Greek myth of Icarus); the rise-fall-rise (the Cinderella story); the fall-rise-fall (Oedipus).

Researchers analyzed 147 6 movies with full scripts and information about the fees for each movie in a country where it was first released.

As a result, they found that the biggest box office was at the movies with loose story arc «a sharp drop and then a rise.» These are such films as «the Godfather», «the Departed» and «Running on the razor’s edge».

According to scientists, the analysis of statistical data will allow the writers and Directors to make films that can evoke genuine emotion from the audience, and, thus, lead to big box office and the film’s success.

However, they also note that it is not necessary to focus only on the most successful story arc. A carefully selected combination of budget and genre can make a financially successful film with any plot arch.

For example, researchers believe that «the sharp rise, then drop» approach to low-budget films, and «continuous uniform motion to drop» will bring success to the paintings with a large budget.