Scientists have registered a new mineral found in meteorite Buryat

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A group of scientists from Ulan-Ude, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg registered a new not previously encountered in nature Wakita mineral discovered in the meteorite found in Buryatia in the summer of 2016, told RIA Novosti the Professor of the Ural Federal University (Urfu) Victor Grokhovsky.

Name Wakita mineral found in honor of WCIT village in Buryatia, where in 2016 a group of miners during work at a gold mine was found by a meteorite. When scientists wanted to register, they noticed some unusual inclusions, which sparked their interest.

«It turned out that some phase contains vanadium and nitrogen. But chemistry is not enough to fix new stuff. In order to prove it, you need to determine crystal structure. It was done only in the scientific-educational center of the Ural Federal University, because there is a device that allows to determine the crystalline structure almost at the nanoscale», – said the Agency interlocutor.

«It turned out that all confirmed: it really is a nitride of vanadium, it has a very simple crystal lattice, that is, 50% of atoms of vanadium and 50% nitrogen. We have filed for registration, and the international mineralogical Association has registered it as a new mineral. It’s the first time discovered in nature,» – said Grokhovsky.

According to him, the process of learning a new mineral can last for several years. «Then we would have to figure out how he’s formed, under what conditions, under what temperature and pressure. It is necessary to simulate, calculate, justify. This task is, as they say, for years,» said the Professor.