Scientists: our universe may die at any moment

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Physics of BFU them. I. Kant considered one of the possible mathematical models of dark energy, and found that the future of our Universe might be a lot more unpredictable and severe than previously thought. The study is published in highly ranked scientific journal «The European Physical Journal C».

«Account of a new class of singularities (of the States in which a given parameter becomes infinite) makes the future of our Universe is unpredictable and dangerous. In this paper, we have shown that some singularities may arise quite suddenly, almost at any time. Star, galaxy, even this disaster will not survive, — said one of the study’s authors, Professor of BFU them. Kant Artem Yurov.

At the end of XX — beginning of XXI century in cosmology has been made a number of important discoveries: discovered indirect evidence of inflationary expansion of the Universe, dark matter and dark energy, gravitational waves. In 1998, scientists discovered that our universe is not just expanding, but expanding with increasing speed.

The cause of this acceleration, scientists believe the so-called «dark sector» of the Universe. According to observations, the total content of our Universe is only 4.9% of us familiar baryonic matter, the remaining 95.1 per cent have «dark sector» which consists of mysterious dark matter (26.8 percent) and an even more mysterious dark energy (68.3 per cent).

About what dark energy is, there are three main hypotheses. The first is that dark energy is a cosmological constant — a constant energy density, uniformly filling the space of the Universe. The second hypothesis defines dark energy as a quintessence — dynamical field, the energy density of which may vary in space and time. Third, dark energy is a manifestation of modified gravity at distances of the order of the size of the visible Universe.

«The future of our Universe depends on which of these models is correct. If true the second hypothesis and dark energy is indeed the quintessence, the future can be amazing and full of surprises. In particular, the possible emergence of singularities directly during accelerated expansion! For example, the average pressure of the quintessence can suddenly «explode», the Professor said Yurov.

That such a disaster is possible, calculated in 2004, the Cambridge University Professor John barrow. A more complete mathematical study of this question will allow physicists Sergei Odintsov, Nojiri Shinichi and Shinji Tsujikawa classifying such singularities possible catastrophic future.

A group of physicists, BFU them. Kant under the supervision of Professor Artem Yurov suggested and showed mathematically that there can be a whole class of singularities not covered by the classification Odintsov-Nojiri-Tsujikawa. This means that our universe may die suddenly. A study of Russian physicists, which was held with the support of the 5-100 Project, interested foreign colleagues. In particular, a letter to the authors were addressed by John barrow.

«The model that we’re talking about — one of hundreds of models of birth and death of our Universe. The authors of the BFU them. Kant correctly considered the model with the specific potential of the scalar field, and showed that the scale factor can dramatically change their behavior. For specialists this work is of interest. It must be borne in mind for the future, as it apparently does not contradict modern observations», — said the cosmologist, Professor national research nuclear University MEPhI Sergey Rubin.