The expert urged not to wait for progress on missile defense at the meeting of Russia and Japan «2+2»

© 2018 AFP / Yoshikazu Tipulid in Tokyo, Japan. Archival photoThe expert urged not to wait for progress on missile defense at the meeting of Russia and Japan «2+2»© 2018 AFP / Yoshikazu Tsuno

From the meeting of Russia and Japan in the format of «2+2» do not expect strong performance, including in the deployment of US missile defense in the Asia-Pacific region (APR), she is more likely to be consultative, but the fact of the revival of the format is a positive signal, says the expert, senior researcher, center for Asia and the Pacific by Julia Kryachkina.

The meeting of foreign Ministers and defense ministries of Russia and Japan in the format of «2+2» will be held in Moscow on July 31. As reported in the Russian depodesta, Moscow will raise at the meeting the issue of deployment in the Asia-Pacific component of the global U.S. missile defence system will also be discussed prospects of development of trade-economic and other cooperation, the project «cross» years of Russia in Japan and of Japan in Russia and cooperation in the international arena.

«This is the third round of negotiations with Japan in the format of «2+2″. Not to say that this format has shown over the last two rounds strong performance, but on the other hand, this format is an integral part of the General trend on strengthening of bilateral relations», — told RIA Novosti expert.

Ready Japan to make concessions on missile defense?
In these negotiations, first of all, you should pay attention to the discussion of BMD deployment in Japan, said Kryachkina. Moscow, as the expert noted, have repeatedly expressed their misunderstanding regarding the intention of Tokyo to deploy elements of missile defense in the Asia Pacific region.

«Against the background of attempts to resolve the situation around the Korean Peninsula it will be interesting to observe how will this discussion, which is to say Japan and what are her real intentions in the field of missile defense. If our Japanese colleagues will finally hear and will be released on a more intimate and open contact, it will show the desire of the Japanese side to further develop the dialogue. If the situation is like in the area of joint economic activities on the Kuril Islands, which Tokyo does not hear Moscow, it will be one more bell that the Japanese side in spite of all their intentions are not yet ready to enter the real concessions and steps,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Progress should not be expected

According to Cracking, the revival meetings in the format of «2+2» is a positive signal.

The first meeting in the format of «2+2» between Russia and Japan was held in Tokyo on November 2, 2013. However, due to Western sanctions, joined by Japan, the format was frozen. Consultations in such format were resumed in 2017, the meeting was held in Tokyo.

«Concrete progress is unlikely, it’ll probably be more in-depth consultation to better hear each other. Well, this format was revived after a long break. The other question is, will the Japanese side to listen to Russia», — said the expert.