The girl poisoned the well water in Voronezh, was discharged from the hospital

© Depositphotos / sudok1В the hospital. Archival photoThe girl poisoned the well water in Voronezh, was discharged from the hospital© Depositphotos / sudok1

The doctors were discharged from the hospital to outpatient observation the girl who survived the poisoning of the family in the private house of the Voronezh water with arsenic from the well, reported on Monday, RIA Novosti the representative of the Department of health of the region.

In the second half of may in the left Bank district of Voronezh with poisoning was hospitalized a woman born in 1990, her daughter, 2007 and 2017, the birth, and the son 2014 birth. The younger girl later died, after which SK filed a case of causing death by negligence. In early June, died in hospital a woman.

The condition of the surviving children was estimated as severe, they were in the intensive care unit and intensive care. The father was not injured. In mid-June, the doctors transferred a brother and sister from intensive care to a regular ward, to July 11, the boy was discharged.

«A girl born in 2007 who were treated in the hospital with the diagnosis «poisoning with arsenic», received two courses of rehabilitation treatment, was discharged home for further observation by the pediatrician’s place of residence», — is spoken in the message of the representative destava.

According to him, the girl underwent a course of therapy aimed at «restoring lost sensory and motor functions.» The doctors noted positive dynamics in the condition of the child, however, point out that he will have a long-term rehabilitation in stationary conditions, and the conditions of the children’s rehabilitation centre.

As found out a consequence, in samples of water from the well near the house of the victim’s family discovered the arsenic content of which is 135 times higher than the permissible dose. Thus, according to SK, the water in other wells of the village is correct on the content of chemical elements. According to the investigation, from the well where found elevated concentrations of arsenic, pumped out the water, removed her samples, and also samples of soil and of the walls of the well. SK is considering several versions of what happened, in particular, the deliberate poisoning of water in the well and entering the well with the groundwater of chemicals and pesticides used in agriculture.