The poles again mock our tragedies. «Kursk»

© AP Photo / PoolБашня submarine Kursk after raising and transportation in the port of RoslyakovoThe poles again mock our tragedies. «Kursk»© AP Photo / Pool

Polish Studio Jujubee has developed a game called Kursk. Sales start on October 11. The producers promise addictive gameplay, lots of plot forks, and-most importantly — look at the circumstances of the death of the submarine «a new angle». «New» poles saw in the tragedy of 2000 that killed 118 seamen, and how to react to it in Russia at RIA Novosti.

At the bottom of the Barents sea

The window of the door leading to the bridge, broken into fragments, followed by the face of the sailor, distorted in a terrible grimace. While freeze-frame, the camera slowly encircles his head on the right side and close-up shows the back of the head, which sticks out from the shard of the burning pipe. Gushing from the wound scarlet blood.

The camera focuses in the passage. There is an explosion: flame envelops the second sailor, the blast throws him to the stairs and he breaks his head.

Next frame: the boat outside. In case a big hole through the muddy waters of the Barents sea comes through the cabin with the Russian coat of arms. Freeze-frame ends of the holes breaks the cloud of air bubbles, as if the souls of dead sailors.

The authors of Kursk, on the contrary, working on the plot. A spy infiltrates a submarine to steal the blueprints of a high-speed underwater missile «Squall», which really developed in the Soviet Union and adopted in the late 1970s.

In the same interview, when the journalist called the character scout NATO, Stampin hastened to correct her: «No, not NATO. Just a spy. Whose country — we’re not talking. Of course, we can assume that it arrived from some Western countries, but in the game it’s not reported».

And even if someone does not see this «assumption» is a direct hint, it is enough to use the main information tool of the XXI century and to Google two words: «flurry» and «spy».

Spider was arrested. Luckily for him, six months later, immediately after the entry into force of the verdict of the Moscow city court, Vladimir Putin signed a decree to pardon, and the next morning an American spy went to the USA instead of 20 years to settle in the Russian colony.

In General, it is likely that one of the many endings, the developers promised, Stampen say, «No, not the President of Russia. Just the President. Which country — we don’t talk. Of course, we can assume that the spy was pardoned by the President of some Eurasian countries, but the story is not reported».

The reaction in Russia

In comments to RIA Novosti scientific Director of the Russian military historical society Mikhail Myagkov noted that the output of such video games is part of the information war. And recalled that memory games never come to any good.

The vast majority of Russian Internet users reacted to the trailer for the game as well, inviting the authors to put yourself in the shoes of the relatives of the sailors who perished with the submarine. Here is one review on YouTube.

«I can see: will the boy sit in front of a monitor and watch as being burned alive or drowning the character, the prototype of which was his father. I understand that in games generally global tragic events, such as the war in distant Iraq or Afghanistan. That is death’s impersonal and for characters no one is. But there are specific 118 of these people still remember».

«Doing this show is a crime, — says Mikhail Myagkov. — I am convinced that the name «Kursk» was chosen specifically to us a painful prick. Is it possible to imagine that in Russia there was a video game on motives of the uprising in Warsaw 1944? Or the game is reminiscent of the collapse of the towers-skyscrapers in the US in 2001? Such fantasies for us beyond morality. I am totally against the distribution of such content in our country. For other countries we must make a warning message through the foreign Ministry that this video game offends the citizens of Russia».

© AFP 2018 / Reuters pool/Sergei Cagirici members of the crew of the submarine «Kursk» at the base in VidyayevoThe poles again mock our tragedies. «Kursk»© AFP 2018 / Reuters pool/Sergei Cagirici members of the crew of the submarine «Kursk» at the base in Vidyayevo