The pyramid of Cheops was the «hub» of radio waves, say physicists

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. Physicists from Russia and Germany studied the properties of pyramids of Khufu and came to the conclusion that she can concentrate electromagnetic energy into the inner chambers and focusing it in the space below. Their findings were presented in the Journal of Applied Physics.

«Given the great interest in the pyramids, we decided to look at the pyramid of Cheops as a particle, the resonance scattering of radio waves. We received a number of interesting results which may lead to important practical applications,» said Andrew Evlyukhin, coordinator of the research University ITMO in Saint-Petersburg.

The pyramid of Cheops was built in the middle of the third Millennium BC by the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), the representative of the fourth dynasty of the old Kingdom, during which were built the «great pyramid» of Egypt. This structure with a height of 145 meters and a width and a length of 230 meters and remains one of the tallest and largest buildings ever created by mankind.

Over the last two centuries inside the pyramid, scientists have discovered four rooms, one of which was allegedly buried the Pharaoh himself, the other his wife, and the third was considered a lure or a trap for the robbers. The walls of the corridors that lead to the tomb of Khufu, was found an unusual channels and structures that scientists now believe the elements of the «security system», the keepers of the Pharaoh from blemishes.

The great pyramid and its «cousins», as told by Evlyukhin, the audience is often attributed to various «magical» properties, including the ability to «concentrate the energy of the cosmos» and many other unscientific phenomena. On the other hand, the real physical properties of the pyramid, scientists began to study only a few years ago, when researchers began to look for her in the new secret room, using the muon scanners.

As the press service of the ITMO, Evlyukhin, his colleagues at the University and physics from the University of Hannover was one of the first such audits, by examining how the great pyramid will interact with various forms of electromagnetic radiation.

Scientists have suggested that the pyramid, like many other man-made objects that can behave as a resonator, focusing and amplifying oscillations, whose wavelength is commensurate with the size of the «wonder of the world». In this case we are talking about radio waves meter range between 200 and 600 meters. Approximately in the same range are used by many Amateur radio stations and radio networks.

In their calculations, as Evlyukhin, scientists took into account all the known voids inside the pyramid, as well as the properties of its main construction material, blocks of limestone. It created a computer model of physics «fired» a pyramid with beams of radio waves and saw how they will interact with the entire structure as a whole and its individual elements.

As shown by these calculations, the pyramid of Cheops really interact with «Amateur» radio waves, accumulating their energy in the tomb of the Pharaoh redirecting it to a point which is located directly under the base of the miracle of light, where the third chamber. More likely it will influence the wave length of 333 and 230 meters.

According to the authors of the article, the great pyramid and its counterparts can interact even more with other types of waves, but this remains to be tested. In addition, the secrets of its structure can be used to create nanoparticles, focusing light, not radio waves, which will help to create light computers and other «gadgets of the future.»