Average ruble mortgage rate in June reached a new low

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in photobacteria loans in the mortgage centre. Archival photoAverage ruble mortgage rate in June reached a new low© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

Average weighted rate on mortgage housing loans (MHL) in rubles in Russia in June reached a new low and made up 9.48%, according to CBR.

The previous record was recorded in may — 9,56%. In April the weighted average rate on MHL 9.57% in March — a 9.64% in February of 9.75%, in January — 9,85%, in December 2017 — in time of 9.79% in November to 9.8%, in October of 9.94% in September of 10.05% in August to 10.59%.

«Weighted average interest rate on rouble housing mortgage loans (HML), issued in June 2018, made up 9.48% per annum (in may — 9,56%)», — stated in the message.

As the regulator, in June, we observed recovery of activity of participants of the market of mortgage lending. During the month it was issued to 120.5 thousand of ruble-denominated loans for a total amount 242,6 billion. Their share in the volume of consumer loans in rubles in June increased by 1 percentage point to 24.3%.

The amount of total debt on MHL as of July 1 has exceeded 5.7 trillion roubles, having increased for June by 2.1%. Quality of service the debt on MHL in June has improved, the amount of the overdue debt has decreased and its share in total debt decreased to 1.24%.