Bashkir soda company can stop the production, the source said

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate in fotomontaggi plant. Archival photoBashkir soda company can stop the production, the source said© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate the image Bank

Bashkir soda company (BSC), Russia’s largest manufacturer of food and soda ash, can stop the production after 2022 because of the lack of raw materials, reported RIA Novosti a source in the company.

According to him, to date the company has not presented Deposit of limestone suitable for chemical characteristics for the production of soda. Only possible for companies source raw materials has a special status, not to start developing it. Alternatively BSK proposed Homerescue field, however, tests showed that contained in limestone from the deposits of impurities make it unfit for the production of soda and can lead to failure of the underlying hardware, and stop the plant.

«At a closed meeting of the Board of Directors of BSK was examined scenarios for reducing costs in production. The efforts of the team, management and shareholders of BSK in this case will be aimed at maintaining the production of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate in a healthy state until the end of 2022,» — said the source.

In addition, the possibility of downsizing the company by 50%. Reductions of all who work in the production of soda, was added.

According to a source in the company BSK remaining reserves of limestone for production of soda will be completely exhausted by December 2022. However, he said that to start of new deposits will require a minimum of five years.

Joint-stock company «Bashkir soda company» (enters into Group «Bashhim») was formed in may 2013 through the merger of JSC «Soda» and JSC «Kaustik». The company ranks first in Russia and Europe, and sixth in the world for the production of soda ash and baking soda, and is also one of the leaders in the production of caustic soda and PVC in the Russian Federation.

The company’s products, in addition to Russia, comes to the CIS, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.