Died actress Natalia Kuznetsova

© DIXI-TV (2007)scene from the television series the Matchmaker. Archival photoDied actress Natalia Kuznetsova© DIXI-TV (2007)

In Moscow, died actress of the Theater named Yermolova Natalia Kuznetsova, told RIA Novosti Deputy artistic Director of theatre of Galina Bogolyubova.

Kuznetsova died Sunday, she was 55 years old. It is clarified that the last time she was seriously ill.

«The first of August at the Botkin hospital at 11 a.m. will begin the farewell to the actress, then there will be the funeral, she will be buried on the Mitinsky cemetery,» said Bogolyubov.

Natalia Kuznetsova graduated from GITIS in 1984, he served in the Metropolitan theater Yermolova, where he played in productions of «Duck hunt — 90», «mistress into maid», «Heathen», «Poverty not a Vice» and others.

In the movie debuted in the early 90’s, known to viewers for his roles in the films «Fools die on Fridays», «the Matchmaker», «beetles», «Dark Kingdom», «Beagle».

© DIXI-TV (2007)scene from the television series «Matchmaker»Died actress Natalia Kuznetsova© DIXI-TV (2007)scene from the television series «Matchmaker»