Experts told about the consequences of the closure of the soda plant in Bashkiria

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The closing of the largest in Russia manufacturer of soda – Bashkir soda company – could lead to mass layoffs, lower tax revenues to the budgets of all levels and the need to buy baking soda abroad, which Russia did not do more than a hundred years, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts. In their view, to solve the intervention of the Federal government.

On Tuesday, a source in the Bashkir soda company (BSC) has told RIA Novosti that she can stop the production after 2022 because of the lack of raw materials. According to the source, today received a Deposit of limestone suitable for chemical characteristics for the production of soda. Only possible for companies source raw materials has a special status, not to start developing it. The source said that the launch of the new deposits will require a minimum of five years, and also noted that the company’s management is considering to reduce the staff by 50%.

Unique production

Bashkir soda company is unique. In some segments of the market it is a monopolist. As the President of the Russian Union of chemists, the Chairman of the Commission on the chemical industry, member of the Board of the RUIE Viktor Ivanov, now Russia along with the BSK soda produce two companies: Berezniki soda plant in the Perm Krai and the Crimean soda plant in the North of the Crimean Peninsula. According to experts, capacity of both plants is limited, and in the development of Russian chemical industry, the closure of production in Bashkiria can lead to the need to bring in a soda from abroad. «Soda is one of the most important raw materials for the entire chemical industry. We have since the days of tsarist Russia did not buy soda abroad, always treated his», — said Ivanov, noting that the company «excellent quality soda and replace it with nothing».

According to the company, the company’s products is 84% of the Russian market of bicarbonate of sodium, 66% of soda ash, 27% PVC, 17% caustic soda and 15% of cable compounds.

Loss for Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan, Russia

According to the Deputy of the state Assembly – Kurultay of Bashkortostan Ildar Egorov a, if not in the short term solve the raw issue, Bashkir Sterlitamak, where are located the Bashkir soda company, may repeat the fate of other cities. «Around «Soda» involved several thousand people, we are talking about whole families whose members for generations have worked on this production. It is a strategically important company, and the cessation of production creates two major problems. It is a social problem with unemployment, and the second aspect – the Treasury would receive less tax payments, as «Soda» is one of the major taxpayers», — said Isangulov.

State Duma Deputy from Bashkortostan Mikhail Bugera results in more accurate calculations.

«Only employees in the company – about 8 thousand people. If you take with family members – twice. And if you take the veterans and those who work in organizations-suppliers — about 35 thousand people. The closure of this enterprise, in my opinion, unacceptable phenomenon,» he said.

He also believes that the possible closure of Russia’s largest producer of soda will lead to serious tax losses.

«The closure of this production, as Bashkir soda company would be a great loss for the economy of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Russian Federation as a whole,» says Bugera.

Three to five

The calculations of the company, the reserves of limestone for production of soda, the rest of the ivory coast, will be completely exhausted by December 2022. Head of mineral resources Department of Bashkiria Alexey Gritsuk, in turn, believes that the volume of reserves even less.

«Now the soda company takes raw materials from only one field Shah-Tau, and it remains only for 3.5 years. The company spent years studying other fields, asked what areas to study, took the license, but the raw material did not fit», — said Gritsuk RIA Novosti.


According to him, for the production of soda necessary to have specific raw materials, and the company was built on this place, under the limestone mountains Shihan. «In this area as a raw material alternatives for the company’s three mountains – Yurak-Tau, Kush-Tau and Tra-Tau. Kush-Tau scouting for the last time in 2010, but the limestone did not come under the plant equipment, raw materials Yurak-Tau is also not suitable because of the impurities of clay and other elements. At present, the only alternative for development remains the biggest mountain of Tra-Tau,» — said the chief geologist of Bashkiria.

Mountain, Tra-Tau is located on the protected area authorities of Bashkiria in 1999, gave this mountain the status of a monument of national importance.

According to Ivanov, the company proposed to develop instead of the mountain, Tra-Tau alternative field do not fit the quality of raw materials. In addition, according to Ivanov, because of higher transportation costs, the use of limestone from this Deposit would increase the cost of production of BSK and as a result the cost of other chemical products that use Bashkir soda. According to Ivanov, the situation must be discussed at the level of the Ministry of industry and trade.

Required intervention center

About the need for the intervention of the Federal authorities said Mikhail Bugera.

«There are problems with sourcing raw materials for this company. The fact that is suitable for the development of the territory have the status of especially protected natural territories. They are protected by law, and then I think, at the regional level this problem difficult to solve, need a solution at the Federal level», — said the MP.

Isangulov, for its part, believes that all participants need to sit at a round table and come to a compromise solution.

«The issue of the protest actions do not solve, it is necessary that in the solution of the commodity problem involved professionals. No wonder that in the Soviet time in Sterlitamak built the company «Soda», because there are all conditions for realization of the project – water, salt and limestone,» said Isangulov RIA Novosti.

Joint-stock company «Bashkir soda company» (enters into group «Bashhim») was formed in may 2013 through the merger of JSC «Soda» and JSC «Kaustik». The company ranks first in Russia and Europe, and sixth in the world for the production of soda ash and baking soda, and is also one of the leaders in the production of caustic soda and PVC in the Russian Federation. Products, in addition to Russia, comes to the CIS, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.