Far East offer contribute to the cost of upgrading power plants

© Fotolia / Artem FurmanТепловые power plants and power lines. Archival photoFar East offer contribute to the cost of upgrading power plants© Fotolia / Artem Furman

The Ministry of energy offers to pay for the modernization of thermal power plants (TPP) in the far East at the expense of consumers across the country, including the far East, not only the European part of Russia, the Urals and Siberia, told journalists Deputy energy Minister Vyacheslav Kravchenko.

According to Kravchenko, July 30, the energy Ministry has sent for approval to other Federal agencies a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the program of modernization of up to 39 GW of thermal power plants. The cost to consumers is estimated at 1.35 trillion rubles.

The modernization projects will be selected on a competitive basis, but for the Far East made an exception. In June, the energy Ministry has proposed that TPP under the modernization is determined by the state Commission for energy, on the proposal of the Ministry, and pay off the projects through surcharges to the price of power to consumers outside of the Far East.

As explained Kravchenko, in fact in the region is necessary to replace the old stations with the new. In the first place will be selected by the station, important for the power system, but old. At these stations their owner (in the far East RusHydro) will present the project of modernization with the counted value, it must be approved by the state Commission. The level of profitability of the projects will be like everyone else in Russia — basic 14%, plus an adjustment of the yield of Federal bonds.

«Financing will be funded by premiums collected from the consumers the first, second pricing zone (European part of Russia, Ural and Siberia — ed.) and the Far East. That is financing at the expense of the whole country in fact, these objects… We believe that the allowance should be distributed to everyone equally,» — said Kravchenko.

According to him, the program of modernization in the far East requires the adoption of a separate Federal law, it most likely will happen after competition of projects in the rest of Russia. He noted that for the Far East selection of projects could take place in early 2019. When delays in the modernization of the company will decrease the amount of the allowance, which is funded by the project. Energy can already confirm that the proposed «RusHydro» for this program of four power plants, two really need is the Khabarovsk CHP-1 and Artemovskaya CHP-2.