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«He was sticking up for a friend»: a resident of Moscow, died after a fight with a COP – Russia news today

«He was sticking up for a friend»: a resident of Moscow, died after a fight with a COP

© Photo courtesy of juzgamiento Tolstoy died a week after a fight with the police«He was sticking up for a friend»: a resident of Moscow, died after a fight with a COP© photo courtesy of friends

A fractured skull, numerous bruises, a ten-day coma, and death 34 — year-old resident of the Moscow region Evgeny Tolstov had an argument with the traffic police and paid for it with his life. According to witnesses, the fight started the police: five of them attacked his friend. Relatives and friends of the victim a week to collect money for expensive treatment, but all was in vain. About why the conflict occurred and who will be responsible for the death of a man — in the material RIA Novosti.

Broken glass

Clash Tolstov and his friends with the traffic police occurred on the evening of July 20 in one of the bars Pavlovsky Posad near Moscow. The company was sitting at the next table. Eugene accidentally dropped on the floor a beer glass.

«To his Wife approached the Manager and asked to pay for the broken dishes, which he eventually did, says RIA Novosti Sheptunova Catherine, the wife of one of the existing friends Tolstova. — The incident was settled, but the case involved one of the police officers and rudely made claims. Jack apologized again».

DPS officer is not satisfied, and he, according to eyewitnesses, continued to Express criticisms. After a verbal altercation Tolstova friend Alex invited the security forces to come and «talk like men». However, dialogue alone failed.

«After Alex ran out into the street the rest of the cops, beat him. Jack rushed to help, and the police shifted to him: so much beat hands and feet, his head — still a girl. — The hospital recorded a vertical fracture of the skull base. The doctor said that such injuries usually get it from bumps, not from falling on the asphalt. The guards of the institution in a fight don’t interfere.»

Friends organized a fundraiser in social networks to pay for expensive treatment. Responded to the call of hundreds of people. However, the miracle did not happen — July 28, never regaining consciousness, Tolstoy died.

«He was always calm and absolutely non-controversial person, — told RIA Novosti buddy Eugene Michael. — Any disputes and tried to resolve peacefully, through dialogue. I have never seen him with someone cursing, and even more the first someone provoked a fight».

The arrest of a suspect

A criminal case under first part of article 111 «Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health». They were engaged the investigators, then the materials are transferred to SK. «At the moment we know that the conflict occurred between the police and a group of civilians, — commented on the incident in the SU TFR in the Moscow region. — Currently a law enforcement officer is in hospital with concussion of a brain and bruises of the head. The investigation continues.»

The SC also noted that the arrested had already been fired from the police. Soon he was charged. After the death of Eugene qualified articles will change to a more serious punishment on which provides till 15 years of imprisonment. In GU MVD of Moscow region to promptly provide a comment on the incident failed.

Fearing that the participants of the fight will escape punishment, friends and relatives of the deceased was sent to the office of the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin a letter asking to take the investigation under his personal control.