In Egypt, the archaeologists during the excavation of the tombs discovered frescoes and jugs

© Photo : Nadeem zawirski the inside of the tomb official era of the Ancient Kingdom, found in the feasts of GizaIn Egypt, the archaeologists during the excavation of the tombs discovered frescoes and jugs© Photo : Nadeem Swampadelic to daily updates RIA Science

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Egyptian-Australian archaeological mission, conducting excavations in the complex at Beni-Hassan, in the province of Minya in Egypt, cleared the entrances to the two rock tombs of dignitaries of the time of the Middle Kingdom (about 2040 – 1783 BC), the underground facilities have been found clay vessels for food and drinks, and colorful murals.

We are talking about tombs, numbered 72 and 33, the current stage of excavations at the site which is ongoing since 2009, said the head of the Council of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt Mustafa Vaziri.

«The burial shaft of the tomb 72 descends into the earth to a depth of 17.5 meters, where is the entrance. Here the sloping passage descends even to a depth of three meters and leads to the burial room where there is a recess for a sarcophagus, and another two small premises, where he found several clay vessels destined for the storage of food and beverages for the deceased», — quotes Vaziri newspaper «al-Ahram».

As the Director of the local Directorate of antiquities Gamal al-Sustavi, during the excavation of tomb No. 33 archaeologists also cleared the mine to the entrance to the burial room. They found that the structure of the tomb is very similar to tomb No. 72. Inside, scientists found several clay jars and colored beautifully preserved wall frescoes.

The head of the mission Naguib Kanawati told reporters that with the end of the season, the two tombs are preserved. In 2019 the district will begin to work restorers.

Rocky necropolis of Ancient and Middle Kingdom Beni Hassan is located in the province of Minya in Central Egypt. It includes about 40 tombs of dignitaries and hundreds of graves of petty officials.