In the national project «Education» will include nine Federal projects

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotomontaggi Vasiliev. Archival photoIn the national project «Education» will include nine Federal projects© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

The Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasiliev said that the structure of the national project «Education» will include nine Federal projects.

«Big national project consists of Federal projects. I will briefly enumerate what are the nine Federal projects will include. The first project is «the Modern school» is a construction, is the reform of learning, it will certainly boost the motivation of our children… as for the second project — «the Success of every child» — here the goal of a harmonious personality is the more developed in the areas of child, the better the result will be an adult,» said Vasiliev in the framework of the working visit to the Republic of Khakassia.

The Minister also said that the national project will include «Digital learning environment» and «Modern parents».

«Here we are focused on psychological and pedagogical assistance to parents… we need to throw all the forces to help parents,» said Vasilyev, speaking about the «Modern parents».

Another project that will be included in the national project is «the teacher of the future».

«The teacher of the future system of teacher’s growth — at least half of all teachers should attend refresher training is a key project for me — without the creative and professional growth of teachers to perform tasks will be simply impossible»,- the Minister added.

Also the project will include Federal project «Young professionals», «New opportunity for everyone»- for the implementation of this project is the Ministry of science and higher education, «Social activity»- the project is vested in the Federal Agency for youth Affairs.

«Ninth project «improving the competitiveness of higher education» — there are three sewn project, responsible for the Ministry of science and higher education. Here, three projects are already familiar, the universities as centers of space innovation, modern educational environment and the export of Russian education»,- said Vasilyev.

She noted that all projects are interdepartmental in nature and «complement each other».

The national project in education was approved by the «may decree» of the President in 2018. It is expected that its implementation will cover the period until 2024. It specifies the need to ensure global competitiveness of Russian education and Russia’s entry into the top 10 countries on the quality of General education.