Myanmar has set up a Commission to investigate the situation with the Rohingya

© RIA Novosti / Shahnawaz to Asperate in fotomontagen Rohingya arrive in the camp was Balokole on the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Archival photoMyanmar has set up a Commission to investigate the situation with the Rohingya© RIA Novosti / Shahnawaz to Asperate the image Bank

The government of Myanmar has established Monday an independent Commission to investigate violations in the refugee Rohingya people, according to a press release published on the website of the President of the country.

«The government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar today has created an independent Commission of investigation as part of a government initiative to establish a truce, peace, stability and development in Rakhine. An independent Commission will investigate cases of human rights violations and other violations following the terrorist attacks, «the Arakan Rohingya the salvation army,» — said in a press release.

It is reported that the Commission will consist of four professionals, including a former President of the constitutional court and representatives of countries in the UN bodies. The Chairman of the Commission will be a former Deputy foreign Minister of Philippines Rosario Manalo.

The Commission will support national and international experts in such cases and the law.

Rohingya (Rohingya) ethnic Bengalis-Muslims, displaced in the Burmese state of Arakan in the XIX — early XX century, British colonial authorities. With a total population of about 1.5 million people they constitute the majority population of Rakhine state, but very few of them have the citizenship of Myanmar.

The authorities of Myanmar and the Buddhist population consider the Rohingya illegal migrants from Bangladesh. The conflict between them and the indigenous «Arkanchi»Buddhists a long story, but the escalation of this conflict to the armed conflict and humanitarian crisis began only after the transition in Myanmar from a military government to a civilian in 2011-2012.

The situation in Rakhine state, where Muslim Rohingya has escalated on 25 August 2017. The militants of the movement «the Arakan Rohingya salvation army» attacked the 30 strong points of the police, after which the Myanmar authorities began in the region of a military operation. The clashes killed more than 400 people. As a result, over 600 thousand civilians have left their homes and went to the border areas of neighboring Bangladesh.